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Public Use File All Weeks

This is a compilation of all the currently available Public Use Files for the Census Household Pulse Survey. This data will be updated by a member of the Data Science team whenever a new Public Use File is published by the Census. This dataset contains the same columns contained in the CSVs downloadable from the Census website, but appends a few other helpful columns. The appended columns include:

week_num: The week number that the microdata is from. (ie wk1, wk2, etc). Week 1 is the week from April 23 to May 5.
hisp_rrace:: A combined race/ethnicity column. Possible values are Hispanic or Latino, White Non Hispanic, Black Non Hispanic, Asian Non Hispanic, and 2 or more races + Other races Non Hispanic. This is the grouping used in the published data tables and is a combination of the ahispanic and rrace columns in the original public use file.
state: 2 digit State abbreviation for a given record
state_name: Full state name for a given record
csa_name: Full name of Combined Statistical Area for a given record. Note many records will not have a CSA
cbsa_name: Full name of Core Based Statistical Area for a given record. Note many records will not have a CBSA

Notes about the data:

  • For help understanding what the other column in the Public Use File corresponds to, please see the data dictionary file.

  • Please take careful note of the pweight column which is the person weight assigned by the Census to each respondent. Any metric you create from the data has to sum across the pweight column to arrive at the individual level estimates. For additional help understanding what each of the columns in this file represent, please see the Data Dictionary file below.

  • Values of -88 and -99 may mean different things for each of your variables of interest!