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Making Connections Survey

The Annie E. Casey Foundation supported the Making Connections survey in 10 locations of its neighborhood transformation and family development initiative (listed below). Survey topics included mobility, social capital and networks, neighborhood processes, resident perceptions and participation, economic hardship, the availability and utilization of services and resources, and child and adolescent well-being. The baseline survey was fielded in each of the 10 Making Connections neighborhoods, and in each county that contained each Making Connections neighborhood. It is unique in that a longitudinal sample for the neighborhood was maintained over the three waves, and a representative point-in-time sample was also collected. Families with children who left the neighborhoods were followed between waves in order to achieve an understanding of who moved and why. The second wave survey was fielded in the neighborhoods only. Baseline data were gathered between 2002 and 2004. The second wave was completed between 2005 and 2007 in the same 10 sites. The third wave, scheduled between 2008 and 2011, was conducted in 7 of the 10 sites.

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Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Denver, Des Moines, Hartford, Indianapolis, Louisville, Milwaukee, Oakland, Providence, Louisville, San Antonio, and Seattle (White Center)
Temporal Coverage
2002-01-01 00:00 to 2011-12-31 00:00
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NORC at the University of Chicago (NORC), the Urban Institute, Case Western University, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and the University of Chicago
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Urban Institute
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07249-000-00; 07253-000-00
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The county-wide telephone survey was conducted for nearly 700 households in each county at baseline to understand the context relative to the chosen neighborhoods. Each wave of the neighborhood survey consists of roughly 800 completed interviews divided between families with and without children. Additional details about the sample design are provided on the NORC survey site at

Additional Notes

The survey design team included methodologists and researchers from NORC at the University of Chicago, the Urban Institute, Case Western Reserve University, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, and the University of Chicago.

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Usage Limitations

The Annie E. Casey Foundation invites research professionals and advanced graduate students to apply for access to the Making Connections data through NORC, which houses the data. Please note that applicants must be affiliated with an institution overseen by an institutional review board. See

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