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Reenvisioning Rural America Data

These datasets contain information used to construct the Reenvisioning Rural America typology and dashboard.

They combine data from the following sources: Appalachian Regional Commission, ArcGIS/ESRI, Association of Religion Data Archives (US Religion Census: Religious Congregations and Membership Study (county file)), Census Bureau, Census of Governments, Community Development Financial Institutions Fund, Community Reinvestment Act, County Health Rankings and Roadmaps, Environmental Protection Agency, ESRI maps and data, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Health Resources and Services Administration, Homeland Infrastructure Foundation-Level Data, Institute of Museum and Library Services, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Election Data and Science Lab, National Association for Public Health Statistics and Information Systems, National Association of Counties’ adaptation of Census of Governments data, National Center for Charitable Statistics, National Conservation Easement Database, National Credit Union Administration, National Land Cover Database, National Low Income Housing Coalition, National Park Service, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development (using data from the Census Bureau), Oak Ridge National Laboratory, United Way, University of Pittsburgh Regional Intergovernmental Organizations Project, US Army Corps of Engineers Inland Electronic Navigational Chart, US Chamber of Commerce, US Department of Agriculture, US Geological Survey, US Labor Department (Mine Safety and Health Administration Form 7000-2: “Quarterly Mine Employment and Coal Production Report”), &

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For more information about these data, see our technical appendix.

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Decisions should not be made on the basis of quantitative data alone.

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