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Spatial Equity Data Tool Sample Datasets

These are the sample datasets we used on the Spatial Equity Data Tool. These represent the kinds of datasets users can upload to our tool. For help finding more data, we suggest looking at your city's open data portal. Below is a description of each sample dataset.

1) New York City Wi-Fi hotspots: These data were pulled from [NYC's open data portal] ( by following Export > Download > CSV .

2) New Orleans 311 calls: These data were pulled from New Orleans' open data portal. To generate this data, we used a custom Socrata API endpoint URL ($limit=500000) as the regular data export options return date strings in non ECMAScript format and won't work with the date filters on the tool. Our custom URL is based on the Socrata CSV download URL, with a user added limit parameter to get all the rows in one call. To learn more about this dataset and the Socrata API, please see:

3) Minneapolis bike share stations: These data were downloaded from the Minneapolis Nice Ride System Data page. Their data on station locations were only available as a JSON so we wrote a short script to convert that JSON into a CSV that was compatible with our tool. That script can be found in the tool's Github repo.

You can check out our tool, technical appendix, and FAQs here:

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Urban Institute. 2020. Spatial Equity Data Tool Sample Datasets. Accessible from Data originally sourced from New York and New Orleans Open Data Portal, Minneapolis Nice Ride System Data, developed at the Urban Institute, and made available under the ODC-BY 1.0 Attribution License.