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State Economic Monitor

The State Economic Monitor tracks and analyzes economic and fiscal trends at the state level. Its interactive graphics highlight differences across all 50 states and the District of Columbia in employment, earnings, housing, and state gross domestic product (GDP). The interactive tool lets users produce, save, and share custom charts from selected states and years. Users can also download their custom data. Link:

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All data are from public databases (see "data and sources" for links to sources). Most data are seasonally adjusted. Earnings and GDP data are adjusted for inflation. Unemployment rate data go back to 1976. Most other employment data go back to 1990. Earnings data go back to 2007. Housing data go back to 1991. GDP data go back to 2005.

Additional Notes

Under the data visualization are three buttons: "save chart," which produces an image file; "share chart," which produces a URL; and "download data," which allows the user to download custom data or all data.

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Urban Institute. 2019. State Economic Monitor. Accessible from Data originally sourced from US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, and the Bureau of Economic Analysis, developed at the Urban Institute, and made available under the ODC-BY 1.0 Attribution License.