Well-Being and Basic Needs Survey
Poverty, Vulnerability, and the Safety Net Health and Health Policy
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  6. Urban Publications

    WBNS Project Page at urban.org
    The Well-Being and Basic Needs Survey: A New Data Source for Monitoring the Health and Well-Being of Individuals and Families
    On Eve of 2020 Census, Many People in Hard-to-Count Groups Remain Concerned about Participating
    Material Hardship among Nonelderly Adults and Their Families in 2017: Implications for the Safety Net
    Homeowner and Renter Experiences of Material Hardship: Implications for the Safety Net
    What Explains the Widespread Material Hardship among Low-Income Families with Children?
    Working to Make Ends Meet during Good Economic Times
    One in Seven Adults in Immigrant Families Reported Avoiding Public Benefit Programs in 2018
    Precarious Work Schedules Could Jeopardize Access to Safety Net Programs Targeted by Work Requirements
    Who Is Accessing Charitable Food in America?
  7. Citation Requirements Zuckerman, Stephen. Well-Being and Basic Needs Survey, United States, 2017. Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor], 2020-04-14. https://doi.org/10.3886/ICPSR37513.v1 Urban Institute. 2020. Well-Being and Basic Needs Survey. Accessible from https://datacatalog.urban.org/dataset/well-being-and-basic-needs-survey.
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