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Index of Individual School Contribution to the Racial Segregation of US School Districts

This dataset contains information on the contribution of individual schools to the racial and ethnic segregation of US school districts. The Segregation Contribution Index (SCI) measures the share of school district segregation that is attributable to a given school. The SCI is computed using public data on school enrollment by race and ethnicity from the Department of Education's Common Core of Data and the Private School Survey for the school year 2017-18) .

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The SCI is based on a disaggregation of the dissimilarity index of segregation. The dataset includes the level of segregation in the school district. Schools' SCI, as well as total enrollment and "minority" enrollment (defined as students that are Black or Hispanic). The data also provide information on total and minority enrollment in the schools' "neighborhood", defined as schools serving the same grade within a mile radius of the school's location. The radius is larger in less densely populated areas. See our repot for more information: Monarrez, Tomas; Brian Kisida, and Matthew Chingos 2019. “When is a School Segregated?” Urban Institute Report. making-sense-segregation-65-years-after-brown-v-board-education

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