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Avail Rental Payment Tracker Data

We obtain these data directly from Avail through our strategic partnership, which started in August 2020. Avail enables independent landlords to list rental units, screen tenants, and collect rent for more than 40,000 properties in the US. Ninety-five percent of landlords on the platform own properties with one to four units, and 98 percent of Avail landlords own fewer than 10 properties in total.

The data in this feature show the share of rental payments collected by landlords, as calculated and recorded by Avail. Avail has tabulated these data at the national, state, and metropolitan area levels. To include a state or metropolitan area in this feature, we require a minimum of 500 payment data observations in the month with the most observations and 350 payment data observations in the month with the fewest observations. When a state or metropolitan area crosses that sample size threshold, it will be included in the analysis as of the date it first crosses that threshold. The option to view payments for only renters with the lowest 20 percent of rent costs is available only for the national view because of sample size limitations at the state and metropolitan area levels.

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