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Revisions for Medicaid and Medicare Fees and Indexes for a Weekly Opioid Treatment Program Methadone Bundle and Selected Other Services Related to the Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder

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2021-12-02 16:40 by [email protected]
This is the published revision.
2021-12-02 16:40 by [email protected]

Update to resource State Medicaid Weekly Methadone Bundle and Component Fees

2021-11-22 13:37 by [email protected]

Implemented small language edits to Description, Original Data Source, Data Quality or Limitations, Additional Notes, and Citation Requirements fields at the advice of copyediting team.

2021-11-18 10:19 by [email protected]

Added authors' names to citation.

2021-11-17 17:35 by [email protected]

Update to resource Medicaid and Medicaid-to-Medicare Fee Indexes for Other Services Related to Opioid Use Disorder Treatment