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IPUMS 2014-2018 Disemployment File

This is the 2014-2018 (5 year ACS) IPUMS data extract with a few additional columns we added for our job loss calculations. This file may be useful for doing more granular employment analysis with the IPUMS microdata. Each of the rows in the data represent a person in a household and below are a description of each of the columns in the data:

YEAR: (IPUMS column) The four-digit year when the household was enumerated or included in the ACS
MULTYEAR: (IPUMS column) Identifies the actual year of survey in multi-year ACS/PRCS samples
SERIAL: (IPUMS column) An identifying number unique to each household record in a given sample.
PERNUM: (IPUMS column) Numbers all persons within each household consecutively in the order in which they appear on the original census or survey form.
percent_change_state_imputed: The estimated percent change in job loss for the state-industry combination that the person falls under. This job loss number was calculated from BLS SAE and CES data
random_number: Random number generated between 0 and 1. Seed was set to 20200525 in R.
disemploy: A flag for whether or not this person was disemployed by our methodology. This was set to 0 if random_number < (1 + percent_change_state_imputed)) and 1 otherwise