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National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS) Core Fiscal Year Trend Files

These data are National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS) aggregations of all individual NCCS Core Files for all organizations of the given type (public charity, private foundation, or other tax-exempt organization) filing a Form 990 or 990-EZ. Records organized by organization EIN and fiscal year of filing.

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Release Date
Temporal Coverage
1989-01-01 05:00 to 2013-12-31 05:00
Contact Name
Deondre' Jones
Data Dictionary Type
HTML - See resource link above
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Harvested from CNP Datasets CSV
Harvest Source TitleCNP Datasets CSV
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Last Harvest Performed2019-03-12 10:20
These fields are specific to Urban Institute.
Geographic Level
Units of Observation
Universe Target Population
The population represents all active and reporting tax exempt organizations filing a Form 990 or 990-EZ between 1989 and year of most recent NCCS Core File update.
Data Quality or Limitations

Financial fields are provided by the IRS and are subject to verification. Only fields provided in each year of the NCCS Core files are included. NCCS recommends users exclude all cases which are flagged "Out" on the field "OUTNCCS," as these represent organizations deemed out of scope by NCCS. Information is organized by EIN and fiscal year. Information is intended for longitudinal analysis by organization. For measures of the nonprofit sector within a given year, NCCS recommends using the individual NCCS Core File for that given year.

Urban Publications
Usage Limitations

Contains information for all tax exempt organizations filing a Form 990 or 990-EZ for all available years. Note that this will exclude organizations falling below the minimum filing threshold for the Form 990-EZ (<$50,000 in gross receipts from 2010 to present, <25,000 in prior years), as well as organizations not required to register with the IRS (organizations with <$5,000 in gross receipts, and religious congregations). Consequently, not all years of financial information will be included for all organizations.

Citation Requirements

Urban Institute, National Center for Charitable Statistics [PC, PF, or CO] Fiscal Year Trend File ([Years])