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Spending on Infrastructure toward Equity Data

For our interactive tool, we analyzed 58 grant programs funded by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and eight housing programs that use annual US Department of Housing and Urban Development appropriations. The data presented here are limited to fiscal year 2022. We collected program data from federal departmental announcements and project fact sheets. Demographic and need indicator data are sourced from approximately two dozen publicly available sources, including the 2016–20 American Community Survey 5-Year estimates from the US Census Bureau and data produced by other federal agencies.

To learn more about how to use this tool, see our user guide. To review the complete list of data sources and methods used in this work, see our full report.

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Urban Institute. 2023. Spending on Infrastructure toward Equity Data. Accessible from Data originally sourced from US Census Bureau, federal agencies, and other publicly available sources, developed at the Urban Institute, and made available under the ODC-BY 1.0 Attribution License.